The Clear™ Classic Carts are 70% THC and come in 15 flavors.


– The cartridges are designed to fit the popular 510 thread batteries.

– Cartridges are available in both 700mg & 350mg’s THC OIL.

– Clear Carts contain no PG (propylene glycol); they are infused with MCT oil for improved viscosity.clear-vape-pen-350mg

– Clear Carts are available in 15 Clear flavors, such as: Blue Raz, Grapevine, Strawberry Banana, Lime Sorbet, Potent Pineapple, Orange Cream, Strawberry and more.

– Due to the purity of The Clear™, Clear Carts actually taste as advertised.

– Thanks to the potency of The Clear™, they deliver the experience our patients expect.

– All Clear™ products are 100% Natural & Organic.

– There is nothing artificial…Ever