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The Clear™ V3 C-Cell Jupiter Cartridge

Un-Cut 97% THC Vape Cart from The Clear™

The Clear™ Classic Cartridge

The Classic Vape Cart from The Clear™

The Clear™CBD Vape Carts

The Clear Classic Vape Cart with CBD Only

The Clear™ Escape Flight Carts

Subtle Escape Flight Kits and Refills

The Clear™ Ripper 3g Smart Mod

Packed with 3 Grams of The Clear™

The Clear™ Gram Tubs

1 Gram Tubs of The Clear in All Flavors

TWAX Concentrated Papers

RAW Rolling Papers with The Clear™

The Clear™ Condiment Packets

Coming in January 2018!

Ganja Grindz Remedy Syrup

Cannabis Syrup Infused with The Clear™

Ganja Grindz Medicated Drinks

The Clear™ Infused Coffee, Tea and Cider

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