Winner of Best Edible 2016 at the High Times Cannabis Cup! ganja-grindz

Ganja Grindz Coffee Company culinary experts and scientists have spent countless hours grinding away to provide you with the highest quality  cannabis infused bottled coffee, tea bags, coffee filters and single serve brew cups on the market. With our patent pending technology, we have designed a way for you to brew your buzz™ with your favorite coffee in our cannabis infused coffee filters.  If you prefer a single serve brewer, then our line of single serve brew cups are perfect for discrete cannabis use.

Roastmaster’s Blend Bottled Coffee

Ganja Grindz Coffee Company’s Roastmaster’s Blend Coffee is now available at you local dispensary.  Made with 75mg THC of The Clear Concentrate solvent free cannabis oil, this cold and refreshing black coffee will wake and bake you no matter what time of day.  With our all natural, sugar free, dairy free coffee, feel free to drink it black or add a touch of your favorite sweetened creamer.

Infused Coffee Filters

With our patent pending technology we have developed a way for you to enjoy any coffee with Ganja Grindz Coffee Company’s coffee filters infused with The Clear solvent free ultra high quality cannabis oil.  Simply replace your regular coffee filter with a Ganja Grindz coffee filter and after brewing, viola your pot of coffee is now infused with the cleanest and strongest cannabis oil in the market.


Cold Bottled Spiced Apple Cider (High Times Cannabis Cup Winner!)

Relax and take a sip of a warm and delightful cup of tea infused with The Clear solvent free cannabis oil.  Steep the infused teabag 3-5 minutes, drink and enjoy.  Available in Green Tea & English Breakfast Tea.

Single Serve Brew Cups

Ganja Grindz Coffee Company welcomes you to try our exclusive line of single serve brew cups.  We have thoughtfully created a line of brews that will enlighten your taste buds and your spirits. Available in Roastamster’s Blend, Roastmaster’s Decaf, Chai Tea Latte and Spiced Apple Cider.

Single Serve Brew Cup Comparability
Ganja Grindz is very excited to announce that our Brew Cups are now Keurig®* 2.0 compatible! Any Brew Cups with the new The Clear Concentrate logo as shown here can be used in even more single serve brewing machines. Simply remove the top label with the provided tab before brewing and viola, a delicious cup of Ganja Grindz infused with The Clear Conentrate will be ready to go.