What is The Clear™?

The Clear™ is one of the most versatile cannabis products on the planet.  It is a solvent
free translucent oil, up to 97% THC and is fully activated by our specially developed
process.  Unmatched in it’s purity, potency and consistency, The Clear™ can be
vaporized, dabbed, infused into edible and rolling papers as well as transdermal

What Makes Us Different?

The Clear™ Concentrate is the cleanest, purest cannabis concentrate available!
Our process refines cannabis down to the molecular level, removing all
undesirable elements.  This allows you to enjoy only the medicinal properties of the
plant, creating the unrivaled purity and potency that The Clear™ is known for.
Next we reintroduce 100% all natural & organic steam distilled terpenes giving
The Clear™ it’s delicious assortment of flavors to choose from.

Our Mission.

We strive to create the most potent, cleanest, and enjoyable cannabis products on earth.  This requires developing new technologies while staying connected to the market.  With a team of dedicated scientists and professionals, we are continuously experimenting with new techniques, improving our processes, and offering the community new and superior cannabis products.

Are You Interested In Carrying The Clear™ At Your Dispensary?
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